Tricky Business Ltd is based in the Lower South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand, offering a mix of technical solutions to tricky problems, and tricky antics for corporate and private entertainment events.

Lead by Richie Marlow, the Tricky Business team do not confine themselves to only a particular set of skills, and the tasks we perform range from rural internet installations, vehicular telemetric systems, stage rigging for large events and performing entertainers. We actively avoid putting limits on our antics, err, services offered. If you have a tricky problem that requires a bespoke solution, that’s our business.

Chief Executive Trickster Richie Marlow has embraced technology, performance and the magical arts since he was an over-enthusiastic, attention-seeking pain in his parents proverbial. As a child performer, he regularly entertained local retirement homes and community groups, as well as audiences at local town fairs and markets. As a young technician, he destroyed many household appliances and tools trying to figure out how they worked, luckily not getting hurt along the way.  We all had to start somewhere…

These days, you’ll find him out and about, still getting up to his old tricks, and plenty of new ones!